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Elding Oscarson was launched in 2007 on a conviction that the unique combination of the founders’ architectural backgrounds would generate relevant, thoughtful, and needed answers to a range of architectural problems. The office has since established its place in contemporary Scandinavian architecture, where it has developed surprising architecture, renegotiated boundaries, and distinguished itself through a rigorous design process that spans from vision and concept to detailing and realization.

Intentionally letting their works span several fields, scales and building types, Elding Oscarson regards every commission as an opportunity to critically reevaluate conventions, to invent and to develop. While formulating answers that are precise and considerate, the office has generated great value for their clients, users, and for the general public.

Elding Oscarson have been awarded a number of prizes for finalized works, such as the highest Swedish honor in architecture, the Kasper Salin Prize. Their works in Sweden and abroad have been widely published.


Mies van der Rohe Award, Nominated, Spain 2018
Kasper Salin Prize, Sweden 2017
Lund City planning prize, Sweden 2017
Villapriset, Mölle by the sea, Sweden 2016
Glaspriset, Nominated, Sweden 2016
Träpriset, Nominated, Sweden 2016
Helgopriset, Nominated, Sweden 2013
Guldstolen, Sweden 2012
International Architecture Award, Chicago Athenaeum, USA 2011
Skånes Arkitekturpris, Sweden 2011
Mies van der Rohe Award, Shortlisted, Spain 2011
Wallpaper Design Awards, Nominated, UK 2011
Contractworld, Nominated, Germany 2011
Kasper Salin Prize, Nominated, Sweden 2011
ECOLA Awards, Nominated, Germany 2011
World Architecture Festival, Highly Commended, Spain 2010
Landskrona Municipal Prize for Urban Planning, Sweden 2010 
Hise Award, Innovative Excellence Private Housing, Slovenia 2010
Young Swedish Design, First Prize, 1999


Elding Oscarson solo exhibition, Skissernas Museum, Sweden 2017
Architectural model exhibition, Tessinska palatset, Sweden 2017
Nordic, Cologne, Germany 2017
La Biennale di Venezia, Nordic Pavilion, Italy 2016
25SQM Exhibition, Vandalorum, Stockholm, Sweden 2015
Light Houses, ArkDes, Stockholm, Sweden 2013
La Biennale di Venezia, installation Nordic Pavilion, Italy 2012 
10 Nordic Emerging Architects, Gothenburg, Sweden 2011 
UIA, Tokyo International Forum, Japan 2011 
00, ArkDes, Stockholm, Sweden 2010 
Young Swedish Architecture, ArkDes, Stockholm, Sweden 2006


MONOCLE 2018 (UK) Gallery Home
ARKITEKTEN 2018 (Sweden) Office Reportage
RESIDENCE 2018 (Sweden) Gallery Home
MARK 2017 (UK/Netherlands) Skissernas Museum
ARKITEKTUR 2017 (Sweden) Skissernas Museum
SVENSKA VILLOR S M L XL 2017 (Sweden) Mölle by the Sea
A+U 2016 (Japan) Townhouse
ARKITEKTUR 2016 (Sweden) Identity works
MARK 2015 (UK/Netherlands) Nerima House
SHINKENCHIKU 2015 (Japan) Nerima House
ARCHITECTURE D´AUJOURD´HUI 2015 (France) No Picnic / Nerima house 
NYTT ROM august 2015 (Sweden) Mölle by the sea 
DETAIL 2015 (Germany) Mölle by the sea 
ARKITEKTUR 2015 (Sweden) Skravelberget 
SCHÖNER WOHNEN 2014 (Germany)  Mölle by the sea 
ARKITEKTUR 2014 (Sweden)  Mölle by the sea
MARK 2014 (UK/Netherlands) Mölle by the sea
L’ARCHITECTURE D’AUJOURD’HUI (AA) 401 2014 (France) Skissernas Museum
CASA & CONSTRUCAO 2014 (Brazil) Mölle by the Sea
ELLE DÉCOR 2014 (Italy) Mölle by the Sea
VAN UFFELEN 2014 (Germany) Townhouse
JUBUSANGHWAL 2014 (South Korea) Townhouse
CONCEPT MAGAZINE 2013 (South Korea) Townhouse
ABITARE CONTEMPORANEO 2013 (Italy) Townhouse
LOFT PUBLICATIONS 2013 (Spain) Townhouse
PRESTIGE MAGAZINE 2013 (Belguim) Townhouse
20 PRIVATE WOHNTRÄUME 2013 (Germany) Townhouse
LABEL MAGAZINE 2013 (Poland) Townhouse, No Picnic, Oktavilla
POD KLIUCH 2012 (Russia) Townhouse 
NEW STYLE MAGAZINE 2012 (Netherlands) No Picnic 
ABD CONCEITAUL MAGAZINE 2012 (Brazil) Townhouse 
LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING 2012 (England) No Pincnic 
MARU vol111 2011 (Korea) No Picnic 
ABOUT BLANK 2011 (Portugal) No Picnic 
AVABOOKS Basics Interior Architecture 05 2012 (Switzerland) Oktavilla 
L4 A&C PUBLISHING 2012 (Korea) Townhouse 
BRIGHT 45 vol8 2012 (Netherlands) No Picnic 
CASAS INTERNACIONAL July 2012 (Argentina) Townhouse 
EDITION DETAIL Holistic Housing (Drexler/El Khouli) 2012 (Germany) Townhouse 
L’ARCHITECTURE D’AUJOURD’HUI (AA) 387 2012 (France) Office Reportage 
DAS HAUS January 2012 (Germany) Townhouse 
ARCHIPENDIUM 2012 (Germany) Townhouse  PI.MAG, Nov/Dec/Jan 2011/12 (Portugal) No Picnic  MAISON MAGAZINE November 2011 (France) Townhouse 
WORKSHOP 02 November 2011 (USA/China) No Picnic 
AIT No 10 2011 (Germany) No Picnic 
ARQUITETURA & CONSTRUCAO 2011 (Brazil) Townhouse 
HINGE vol192 August 2011 (Hong Kong) No Picnic 
FRAME July/August 2011 (UK/Netherlands), No Picnic 
ARQUITECTURA Y DESINO July 2011 (Spain) Townhouse 
ON OFFICE June 2011 (UK) No Picnic
TATLIN NEWS, June 2011 (Russia) No Picnic
O ESTADO DE S. PAULO May 2011 (Brazil) No Picnic
ARKITEKTUR 3 2011 (Sweden) No Picnic, front cover
B1 May 2011 (Thailand), Townhouse
ELLE DECORATION April 2011 (Netherlands) Townhouse
SYDSVENSKAN 24 March 2011 (Sweden) Townhouse
A+U 486 March 2011 (Japan) EO Office Portrait
FORM nr3 2011 (Sweden) No Picnic
OTTAGONO February 2011 (Italy) Townhouse
WALLPAPER February 2011 (UK) Townhouse
SCHÖNER WOHNEN February 2011 (Germany) Townhouse
NYA RUM 2 2011 (Sweden) Mölle
WALLPAPER January 2011 (UK) Townhouse
DECOR 2011 (Ukraine) No Picnic
ELLE MAGAZINE KOREA 2011 (Korea) Townhouse
PROYECTO CONTRACT No77 (Spain) No Picnic
DETAIL 12 2010 (Germany) Oktavilla
SPACE Oktober 2010 (Korea) Townhouse, Front Cover
ARKITEKTERNAS VILLOR volym2 (Sweden) Townhouse
DWELL 9 2010 (USA) Townhouse, front cover
FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE Sept 2010 (Germany) Townhouse
BAUWELT August 2010 (Germany) Townhouse
CASA MICA 05 2010 (Italy) Townhouse
BOB 072 (Korea) Elding Osarson works
A+U 477 June 2010 (Japan) Townhouse
LOTUS 142 2010 (Italy) Townhouse
WORLDWIDE ARCHITECTURE Utet 2010 (Italy) Townhouse
STAGING SPACE Gestalten 2010 (Germany) Oktavilla
SKÅNE 4 2010 (Sweden) Townhouse
MONITOR 60 (Germany) Oktavilla
DAGENS INDUSTRI May 22 2010 (Sweden) Townhouse
NYTT ROM 19 May 2010 (Norway) Townhouse
DAGENS NAERINGSLIV May 2010 (Norway) Townhouse
B1 May 2010 (Thailand) Townhouse
FRAME 75 Jul/Aug 2010 (England) Oktavilla
D'ARCO 13 2010 (Portugal) Townhouse, front cover 
HISE May 2010 (Slovenia) Townhouse
AFACE 01 2010 (Germany) Townhouse
DOMUS 935 April 2010 (Italy) Townhouse
PASAJES DESINO 19 2010 (Spain) Townhouse
C3 307 March 2010 (Korea) Townhouse
ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW 1356 Feb 2010 (England) Townhouse
FORUM 1 2010 (Sweden) Oktavilla
APPLE NEWS TAIWAN Feb 2010 (Taiwan) Townhouse
MARK 24 Feb/March 2010 (Holland) Townhouse
ARKITEKTUR 1 2010 (Sweden) Oktavilla
A10 31 Jan/Feb 2010 (Holland) Townhouse
RESIDENCE 1 2010 (Sweden) Townhouse
ARKITEKTUR 8 2009 (Sweden) Townhouse, front cover
ARKITEKTUR & POLITIK 2009 (Sweden) Townhouse
ARKITEKTEN Nov 2009 (Sweden) Townhouse
ARKITEKTUR 1 2008 (Sweden) Peacock


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